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Chairman Barnes (as Satan

Occupy, the Musical? Mr. Satan Goes to Wall Street Gets L.A. Reading

A highly ambitious theater performance dropped Wednesday night in L.A., one that has the aim of helping to revitalize the Occupy Wall Street movement. Performed in a reading by members of the Sacred Fools theater company, Mr. Satan Goes to Wall Street is a full-blown musical satire that's a wistful......

Hollywood Faces a Heroin Summer

"Oh my God, Kaki, wake up! Wake-the-fuck-up! He's not breathing!" Those unsettling words that never presage anything but tragedy broke a Hollywood weekend&#...
Part Time Punks producer Michael Stock at the Echo; Credit: PHOTO BY DYLAN GORDON

Mongols and Hells Angels Invade Hiptown

The soft-spoken guitarist recalls hearing, " 'All you motherfuckers are going to die'" and "then I just saw muzzle flashes." Reaching for his coffee as a tremble in his hand attenuates up his tattoo-sleeved forearm, the musician says of his tremor, "It's nothing — a family thing." But it may have......
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