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Lord Jones plans to lease ground-floor retail space from the Standard in West Hollywood

A Luxurious Marijuana Shop May Open at the Standard Hotel

In a partnership of LA proportions, luxury cannabis brand Lord Jones and hotel chain The Standard are joining forces to open what they call, the country's first weed shop to be located inside a hotel. Slated to open next year on the ground floor of the West Hollywood location of the hotel chain, the shop will start by selling exclusively Lord Jones lotions and candies but may expand to offer a larger curated collection of cannabis products over time....
Credit: Courtesy Henry's

From Pot Dust to Fancy Joints, These Marijuana Products Will Lift Your Spirits

California’s cannabis market continues to explode with countless new products making their debut each month. While it can be a chore sorting through every new edible, smokeable and topical company, it's not all bad; all these options actually make it easier for medical marijuana patients and adult users to cater cannabis consumption to their personal needs. Here's a short-list of drinks, dusts and delivery services available to you....
The Pulse Nano monitors environmental factors inside a grow room and can be accessed remotely through an app.; Credit: Courtesy Pulse

Venice Tech Company's Weed Grow Monitor Keeps an Eye on Marijuana Crops

A Venice startup is rolling out a new type of marijuana monitor that allows cultivators to keep tabs on temperature, humidity, light and other environmental factors even when they're outside the grow room. The Pulse Nano is intended to safeguard not only the product but the grower's sanity, as the system sends emails and text alerts if anything is amiss....
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