Hanh Nguyen

Terri Nunn and Berlin at the Rose; Credit: Hanh Nguyen

How a Concert Venue Inspired L.A.'s Most Talked-About New Burger Joint

What do Ted Nugent, Wilson Phillips and Smokey Robinson have to do with last month's opening of CaliBurger in Pasadena? They are just some of the artists featured at retro dinner concert theater The Rose, which houses the first California location of the international burger chain. The Rose caters to a......
Okra gumbo at Preux and Proper; Credit: Photo: Anne Fishbein

The 10 Best Gumbos in Los Angeles

Serve me an excellent gumbo, and I’ll show you a gumbo that someone hates. Gumbo is as divisive as it is delicious because its ingredients aren’t prescribed. Meat, seafood, poultry and vegetables can appear in any combination. As for the broth, any blend of roux, okra or filé (powdered sassafras......
Afters Ice Cream's Milky Bun with churro ice cream; Credit: Hanh Nguyen

Who Triumphs in Pasadena's Ice Cream Doughnut Scene?

Two years ago, when Afters Ice Cream debuted its curiously named Milky Bun (a glazed doughnut stuffed with ice cream), it became the must-eat hybrid treat that eclipsed the then-popular cronut. Afters has since expanded to seven locations, including one in Pasadena. But Afters' stranglehold on the ice cream-filled doughnut market......
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