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Heroin burrito dramatization; Credit: Flickr/shutterbeant

Hey, Where'd You Get That Heroin Burrito?

If you keep up with the LAPD police blotter, or perhaps are just are a civic-minded Mexican food enthusiast, you may have heard about the Los Angeles County deputy who was recently charged with trying to smuggle a bean and cheese burrito filled with heroin into the Airport Courthouse. Yes,......

10 Food Predictions for 2012

2011 was quite a year in the Los Angeles dining scene. If you had told us a year ago that we'd be eagerly wolfing down plates of alligator schnitzel, polenta sushi, and corned beef tongue sandwiches from a Michael Voltaggio shop with the word "sack" in its title, we wouldn't......
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Your NFL Beer Pairings: Thanksgiving Football 2011

Turkey. Beer. Football. Also known as the three pillars of Thanksgiving. If your plans for Thursday include watching the game, enjoying a fine ale (seasonal perhaps) and feasting like a Nordic barbarian, allow us to help you optimize your day. We've compiled a rundown of each NFL matchup and beers......
The Pupusa-Papaya Connection; Credit: G. Snyder

DIY Food Mashups: Lempira Pupusas + Krua Siri Papaya Salad

The origins of this week's food mash-up trace back to a particularly reflective pupusa run a few weeks ago. To be clear, we love the pupusa in all it's crisp-edged, cheese-oozing glory, and given the ubiquitous status of the Salvadorian staple these days it's clear that its a populist favorite......
Laap Thawt + Lenbi Sandwich; Credit: G. Snyder

DIY Food Mashups: Falafel Arax + Spicy BBQ Thai

The rules of D.I.Y. Food Mashups are simple: Pair two dishes from two distinct restaurants located less than a half mile apart and then sample the subsequent mishmash of cuisines, for better or worse. In a crowded strip mall in East Hollywood, literally next door to one another, are Falafel......
Pete's Hot Links; Credit: G. Snyder

Grill This Now: Pete's Louisiana Style Hot Links

Phillip's BBQ, Woody's BBQ, Dr. Hogly Wogly's, Robin's Woodfire BBQ, and Spring Street Smokehouse; what do all these L.A. barbecue joints have in common? They all serve hot links imported from the same iron-gated takeout window just west of Crenshaw: a tiny, Cajun-style butcher shop that is probably one of......

Alameda Swap Meet: The Joy of Cowboy Hats, Huitlacoche + Cow Heads

To describe the soon-to-be-unincorporated City of Vernon, located a few exits southeast of downtown, as an industrial wasteland might serve as an understatement. Most of the landscape is a collection of sprawling warehouses, massive scrapyards and factories producing an array of products that range from Tapatio Hot Sauce to Farmer......
Yuk Hwe; Credit: chow.com

L.A.'s Top 10 Raw Beef Dishes: Some Like It Cold

​Few words have the power to simultaneously sour stomachs and whet appetites like the mention of raw meat. Indians abhor the idea. Ethiopians consider it their national dish. We once knew a Russian butcher who insisted a plate of raw bacon was the ultimate companion to a glass of vodka......
Loose Burger; Credit: G. Snyder

Late Night Eats: Coney Dog's Loose Burger

It's fair to say that the 2 a.m. crowd of Los Angeles has never truly been in want of suitable venues for late night noshing. Yet, even with this vast selection: the ham-fisted mutant burritos at Oki Dog, the artery-straining Tommy Burger spackled with brown roux, the endless trucks and......
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