Erinn Eichinger

New Zealand Natural; Credit: Erinn Eichinger

Top 10 Places to Get Your Fro-Yo Fix

Tart green tea or mint chocolate? Icy or creamy? Fresh fruit or mochi and lychee for toppings? For frozen yogurt aficionados, these are key elements in what makes a good cup of fro-yo. And serious frozen yogurt fans can be just as cultish in their loyalty to a certain style......
Marche; Credit: Erinn Eichinger

Marche (Formerly Max) Opens in Sherman Oaks

Marche, formerly Max, in Sherman Oaks opened its doors to the public last night to show its stuff to interested followers of the restaurant. The space, which has had a few changes--including menu, décor, chefs and now names--since it opened about six years ago, has a new attitude and new......
Chipotle; Credit: Erinn Eichinger

Phone a Friend, Order a Taco: Chipotle's New App

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year or so, you or someone you know has some version of what's been dubbed a "smartphone." And more likely than not, said friend is obsessed with getting the latest app's. There are apps for every passion/obsession under the sun,......