Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year or so, you or someone you know has some version of what's been dubbed a “smartphone.” And more likely than not, said friend is obsessed with getting the latest app's. There are apps for every passion/obsession under the sun, including some really great ones for the food lovers of the world. There's an app for Epicurious, another for Zagat, and even an app called Around Me. If you are a foodie on the go you'll not find yourself without recipes along with the latest restaurant reviews and recommendations literally at your fingertips.

Not to be left in the dust, the marketing folks over at Chipotle actually came up with their own, free, down-loadable app that takes ordering out to a whole new level.

Chipotle App; Credit: Erinn Eichinger

Chipotle App; Credit: Erinn Eichinger

App downloaded, check. Food ordered (with a special instructions section no less) check. You'll have to give them a credit card and email address so if you are still squeamish about that kind of thing this might not be for you. Order sent, and within moments an email, confirming your order is sent back to the smart phone along with the time it will be ready for pick up – this time about 15 minutes.

The order was being packed upon arrival and extra salsas thrown in at no extra cost. It was great, no waiting in line, no fumbling with wallets, just show up, grab food and go. The orders were all packed correctly and if it's a large order each marked with the diners individual names. The only downside to this might be that you can't be there as the order is made to control the amount of cheese or bean or sauce, but if you are willing to throw control to the wind – visit the app store and download to your hearts content. In the end it's a pretty convenient way to order out.

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