Erin Broadley

(L-R) Slash

Best Photobomb of 2009: Slash, Neil Zlozower and Steve Lukather

We've seen a lot of amazing photobombs in our time (and yeah, we might have pulled some off ourselves) but this one is just fuckin' rad. Ladies and gents, we present to you the "Best Photobomb of 2009," taken by Bill Lonero at rock photographer Neil Zlozower's Six-String Heroes book......
Miss Piggy

7 Reasons the Muppets are Hot

View more photos in Shannon Cottrell's "Muppets Take Burlesque" slideshow. Now that we're grown up and don't watch Jim Henson's The Muppet Show anymore, the only thing better than Gonzo the Great is finding out that Gonzo is really a woman and has perfected the art of tassel twirling. Last......