Dr. Lori Buckley

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Squirt Sessions

Q: Can all women squirt? A: Some women do, some don't, and others can learn.  If you're a woman who ejaculates or “squirts” with G-spot stimulation and orgasm, enjoy it!  If you don't, relax. In other words, sex is something to enjoy. Instead of focusing on or trying to expel......
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What do men ask you the most? Most men want to know how to make their partner happy…really.  I get a lot of questions from men, but almost all of them have this theme.  I encourage them to ask their partners what they'd like in and out of bed, and......
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Lucubration: In the Mood?

What's the most common relationship question that women ask you? How do you respond? “Why don't I feel like having sex?” is the most common question women ask me. I tell women that they need to be sexually stimulated or aroused before they'll feel like having sex. Many women and......