Devin Feldman

Credit: Peter Witterholt

10 Things Native Angelenos Can Learn From Transplants

Native Angelenos, for all their surfboards and their Hollywood and their elaborate freeway system, don't know everything. In fact, they could learn a thing or two from those of us who've grown up elsewhere. Here are the things transplants could teach the locals, things that have the potential to turn......
Credit: Courtesy of Epiphany Eyewear

Epiphany Eyewear: Like Google Glass, But Maybe Even Better

Google Glass might have just met its match. Two-year-old Epiphany Eyewear boasts that its glasses do everything that Google's do - without making you look like a character on Star Trek. Even better: Unlike Google's version, they're available now for purchase. L.A.-based Epiphany was founded by a Stanford student and......
14th St. Sharrow Markings In Santa Monica; Credit: Gary Kavanagh | Flickr Creative Commons

Sorry, L.A. Times, Bikes Are Not to Blame for Santa Monica Traffic

The Los Angeles Times recently ran an essay by an angry long-time Santa Monica resident who was unhappy his city was working to boost infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists, claiming cyclists were the cause of Santa Monica's unbearable traffic. How? Apparently the city had marked some lanes as bike-friendly. And......
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