Dennis Cooper

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Fuck the Canon

Photo by Debra DiPaolo Clive Barker might just be our most versatile contemporary artist, not to mention among the most prolific. Sure, others have had their art reconstituted in forms they haven’t themselves mastered, but I can’t think of anyone who has worked so directly and successfully in as many......
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Yobs to Men

Illustration by Ryan Sanchez Irvine Welsh’s latest novel is a relief. That’s to say: It’s a relief if you, like me, consider Welsh an inordinately gifted, even brilliant, writer whose recent fascination with the ins and outs of British “rave” culture — perhaps in combination with the swoony effect of......
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Mystery Man

Photo by Cindy Johnson Denis Johnson is a new-fashioned fiction writer schooled in old-fashioned narrative ways and means, damaged by psychological forces unknown, and saved from both mainstream popularity and cult obscurity by his knack for exhuming suggestive fragments from disenfranchised male psyches, not to mention a great if slightly......