Collin Flatt

L.A.'s Golden Road Brewing was blazing the canned-beer trail long before you knew it was cool.; Credit: Colin Young-Wolff

5 California Craft Beer Cans to Love This Summer

Canned beer is finally having a moment. Long associated with mass-produced, watered down drivel, the resurrection of the can has been championed by the craft beer community, who are finally appreciating it in all its awesomeness. Brewers love them because cans keep out sunlight better than any glass, and you......
Boo's Philly Cheesesteak; Credit: Elina Shatkin

6 Great L.A. Hoagies That Taste Like the East Coast

L.A. is not a cheesesteak town. And this may come as a shock, but believe it or not, neither is Philly. Well, not exactly.  In the City of Brotherly Love, my hometown, roast pork is held in higher regard than the cheesesteak by those in the know. Case in point:......
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