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The Scissor Misters

Photos by Larry Hirshowitz“We try to take a culture and make it a clash of cultures. You know, take a kid from California who’s shipped to a boarding school in the Northeast and thrown into the old-money lifestyle. Or for ‘Blue Collar Caribbean,’ our story was based on a native......
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Off the Cuff

Photos by Larry Hirschowitz Waraire Boswell has had an affinity for fine clothing since his teenage years, though he spent more time thinking about babes and basketball than the manufacturing process of a French cuff. Born and raised in Altadena, Boswell bounced from African-history studies — he planned on being......
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Alchemical Reaction

Photos by Raul Vega “Here at Jünker, our greatest inspiration is dirt,” says Tod Waters, a deep-voiced dude with dreadlocks and heavily inked arms. “Dirt and rust.” “Yeah, rust is our friend,” giggles his fellow alchemist Giuliana Mayo. This new design duo transforms dumpster finds and vintage fabrics into one-of-a-kinds......
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Eyes of the Needle

Photos by Raul Vega Although the name of their line, Glaza, means “eyes” in Russian, Marina Toybina says that she and her business partner, Ashton Hirota, walked into the fashion business “completely blind. We didn’t know what we were doing.” The design duo met as co-workers at the store Crossroads......
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London Calling

Photos by Julie Pavlowski Tomomi Fukuda never planned on being a clothing designer, although as a teenager she liked to loiter on the steps of World’s End, the London boutique owned by Vivienne Westwood. “I loved watching the punks and Teds, the fashion at the time. And the fashion in......
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Primal Screen (Print)

Photos by Larry Hirshowitz While Oxford Slut never worked out as a band name for J. Luke Smalley, it summed up the iconoclastic men’s clothing line he started last year: Vintage button-up shirts are deconstructed, screenprinted with images such as Warhol superstar Edie Sedgwick, Bromley Contingent anti-beauty Sue Catwoman, or......
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Slogans’ Run

Two-thirty a.m., the steps outside the Ruby. A sweaty rush of clubgoers overflows onto the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame. Among the sea of smeared lipstick and wilted liberty spikes is artist Tony Acosta, chatting up an Art Center student he met earlier in the evening. Acosta mentions that he......
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