Brick Wahl

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Brick's Picks: Tale of the Whale

TALE OF THE WHALE We are writing this during Carmageddon weekend, and we planned a whole bit about being trapped on the Glendale Freeway for days as the city b...
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Brick's Picks: Great Sax

Since we gave baritone saxist Dale Fielder an over-the-top plus last week, we should, out of fairness to this town's three or four other saxophonists, completely ignore him this week. Those are the rules set by the Jazz Critics Guild way back in Leonard Feather's day. But there's the new......
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Brick's Picks: Fast and Furious

Let's take off at a gallop, since there's a lot of it, beginning with veteran drummer Clayton Cameron's sextet at LACMA on Friday. No word on the lineup, but Cameron has the habit of drumming with some pretty great company, so we're betting this will be pretty damn good. On......
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Red, White and Blue Notes

It's hard to imagine a more patriotic bunch than jazz musicians. There ain't one that doesn't fly the flag from his pad every day, and come national...
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Brick's Picks: Smooth Jazz Fist Fight

We had a helluva weekend at the Playboy Jazz Festival. There was some great jazz and killer funk, and Eddie Palmieri was so freaking great he blew our minds. Jackson Browne even read an awful poem. Finally Buddy Guy had people getting naked everywhere — even some critics we won’t......
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Brick's Picks: Wild, Moaning, Screeching Jazz

Eric Dolphy is just too wild. That sound of his is just too intense for most jazz listeners, let alone anyone else. You won't hear him on the radio, excepting KPFK. You don't hear about Eric Dolphy Day, either. It's not till June 20, but we're not expecting much. When......
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