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"Atlantis" (1960) from the collection of Richard Christian Matheson.; Credit: Courtesy of

In Search of Burt Shonberg's Lost 1960s Psychedelic Art

Twentieth-century modernism and its often extreme art movements produced talented artists who inevitably fell through the cracks, and whose work curators are still rediscovering. The name Burt Shonberg is not one of them, however. The late Southern Californian has never been anthologized by a museum, yet he was arguably the......
Guy Blakeslee; Credit: Courtesy of Golden Egg Publicity

Exclusive: Guy Blakeslee's Shakespearian New Solo Album

Ophelia Slowly finds Guy Blakeslee - leader of neo-psych act The Entrance Band  - reflecting on Shakespeare's most tragic heroine in an artful song cycle. Produced by Chris Coady, whose credits include production for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Beach House, it emits melancholy and hope in equal doses. Ophelia Slowly calls......
Robert Bearns (left) and Ron Dexter (right) at the Ice House in Pasadena

Psychedelic '70s Heroes Get New Life

Seventies ambient pioneers Robert Bearns and Ron Dexter may be the unlikeliest psychedelic heroes in today's underground music world. Indie reissue label Real Gone Music will release a retrospective of the best from their New Age-y six volume LP series, Golden Voyage, tomorrow. The timing seems about right. Over the past decade,......
Brian Wilson tallies receipts at his Radiant Radish vitamin store in West Hollywood

Brian Wilson's Secret Bedroom Tapes: A Track-by-Track Description

As laid out in our recent cover story, it turns out that Brian Wilson - leader of the Beach Boys and notorious recluse during the early 1970s - wasn't just lying around in bed letting his beard grow. See also: Brian Wilson's Secret Bedroom Tapes Rather, from 1968-1974 he amassed a huge quantity......
Adam von Passow (left) and Julia Holter (right) play a casual session with Perhacs (center) in 2010; Credit: Courtesy of Blueberry Buddha Studios.

Venerated Topanga Folkie Linda Perhacs Releases Her First New Work in 44 Years

In 1970, singer-songwriter Linda Perhacs released what may have been Topanga Canyon's greatest musical export, Paralellograms. It sold few copies upon its original release, but the album's rediscovery during the early 2000s led Los Angeles historian Kim Cooper to dub it a "dreamy evocation of nature and sexuality." Mojo magazine said its "depth and......
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