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Color Psychology: Red Plates Make You Eat Less

Though parents have always told their children to eat their greens, they might start telling them to eat off their reds. Scientists have found that when subjects ate off red plates, they tended to eat less than when eating from plates of any other color. The latest in the apparently......
Hipcooks East; Credit: Benjamin Caro

Hipcooks: Where to Make Friends, and Cook For Them (Recipe)

Located deep in the industrial recesses of the thriving Brewery Artists Lofts, Hipcooks teaches hands-on cooking classes to the cooking illiterate and hungry for dinner. The class began 10 years ago when Monika Reti's friend told her he wished he could cook the way she did: no recipes, no stress,......
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Now Open: Warren's Blackboard at the Beverly Garland

The Beverly Garland hotel in Studio City is currently under the knife, undergoing $20 million of renovation and emerging as the more colorful, retro-inspired boutique hotel The Garland. In May, The Front Yard, the new restaurant by chef Warren Schwartz of Westside Tavern, will rise from the sawdust. The hotel is......
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Can Your Drink of Choice Predict Your Voting Habits?

According to research done by Jennifer Dube of the right-leaning National Media Research, Planning and Placement (NMRPP), our choice drink provides a pretty good indicator of our choice politics. According to CNN, Dube analyzed consumer data from 50,000 interviews from the past two years, and drafted a handy bubbly graph......
breakfast dopplebock; Credit: Wikipedia Commons/Arturo Petrocelli

The History of Booze for Breakfast: 7 Morning Drinks

Most of us reach for some variation of cereal, coffee or eggs to get us out of bed in the morning. Only at brunch do we treat ourselves to a bloody Mary. Through history, though, there have been monks, soldiers and even children who drank booze at breakfast just to......
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Rick Warren's The Daniel Plan Taps the Bible for Weight Loss Advice

Pastor Rick Warren, author of the popular faith-based book The Purpose-Driven Life, as reported by USA TODAY, baptized 800 of his devoted followers at the Saddleback Church in Orange County, dipping their sizeable bodies into a pool of water. At the end of the day, he thought one thing: "Wow!......

How I Hacked My Vacation

I was on the Internet too much, reading about too many interesting apps. Some purported to save me money; others promised to simplify my life. By the time I stumbled upon FlightCar, a service that would allow me to park at the airport for free by renting my car to......
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