Anna Dimond

Hector Echavarria

Hector Echavarria: From Argentine Kickboxer to Movie Mogul

Hector Echavarria is a former world-champion kickboxer who as a teen cut his teeth on street fights, sent opponents to the hospital and dodged death several times over. He's a star in Latin America for both his athletic prowess and entertainment credits, from roles in movies and television series to......
Storm Surfer Ross Clarke-Jones tackles a meaty slab at Shipstern Bluff

Do World-Class Surfers Change as They Get Older?

Forget the physical training. Never mind the mental prep. For former world champion surfer Tom Carroll, the urge to surf down a 30-foot wall of water -- sometimes dozens of miles from shore -- is all about testosterone. "Some people have it, some people don't," he says. " have got......
Matt Shubin demonstrates the art of the paddle.; Credit: Nanette Gonzales

Fighting for Territory in the Booming Stand-Up Paddle Business

As a kid growing up in Malibu, Christian Shubin eschewed the surf industry and all it stood for: commodifying something pure, selling it to the masses and giving everyone a little "slice of paradise.""It's part of the selfishness of surfing," he says. "You want to be the only good surfer,......
X Games; Credit: Susan Sanchez

ESPN X Games Los Angeles 2012: Confronting Fear, Pain and Mortality

The world of sports may be focused on London, but during the past week athleticism of a decidedly ballsier kind was on display in Los Angeles as wide-eyed kids, patient parents and industry hangers-on oohed, ahhed, gasped and clapped at the feats of physical imagination and occasional crashes that unfolded......
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