Andrea Whiting

The importance of being earnest: Dirty Projectors; Credit: Cara Robbins

Over the Weekend: Dirty Projectors at the Wiltern

It's very early in the morning, so please allow me to just blurt this out: hipsters are the dead end of Western civilization. They are anti-matter, devouring every counterculture before them, massacring idealism and installing lo-fi nostlagia as modus operandi, drowning 2k10 in a weird, all-black 'urrything recession vibe where......
Credit: Timothy Norris

Over the Weekend: The xx at the Wiltern

Last Sunday at the Wiltern, the xx opened their set from behind a gauzy curtain, their signature letter(s) projecting onto said scrim and causing the formerly docile audience to get loud, really loud - not the reaction you might expect for a band who so heavily favors quiet. The screen......

Over the Weekend: Miike Snow at El Rey

After dancing my ass off at the El Rey on Sunday night, here's what I've successfully established: Miike Snow is not: mythical, Mark Ronson, a lonely Swedish dude, a blinged-out jackelope. Miike Snow is: where the party at, secretly into Phantom of the Opera, responsible for some unexpected hearing loss,......
The National; Credit: Photograph by Paul R. Giunta courtesy of Prefix Magazine

Over the Weekend: The National (+ Ramona Falls) at the Wiltern

Before seeing The National at The Wiltern, I already had cheap shots ready for this introduction, all centered on one cold, snarky question: Is Joy Division from Brooklyn? On Saturday night, as the sun dropped into the downtown skyline and with the world's biggest Boxer fan at my side, I......
Caribou; Credit: Andrea Whiting

Last Night: Caribou + Toro y Moi at El Rey

Is a fake genre dead when The New York Times acknowledges it unironically - or when iTunes monetizes it via smiling little "suggested subgenre"? Maybe neither: last night at the El Rey, Toro y Moi and Caribou both (inadvertently?) killed the chill by (accidentally?) rocking the fuck out of "Blessa"......
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