On my mission to finding my Zen, I started to research Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Since I’m always looking and trying new experiences to enhance my health and life, the hyperbaric oxygen chambers looked very interesting to me. Oxygen is our life force to just live and breathe so I thought to myself, “Let me try this out.” I found many articles that talked about the benefits of HBOT such as anti-aging, cell renewal, inflammation reduction, internal/external healing, etc. I was hooked with anti-aging and the rest were the cherries on top of a very large cake.

After doing my research and clearing it with my doctor – which everyone should do before doing any type HBOT – I contacted OxyHealth, a leader in HBOT chambers. They invited me to come down to their facility to try out one of their hyperbaric chambers. I was greeted by Cory and Janelle, who explained to me in detail what was going to happen in the chamber. After I got very comfortable with what was coming next, I got to pick which one to jump into. Of course I pick the chamber like the one LeBron James owns and uses personally, the Vitaeris 320.

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Photo courtesy of OxyHeath (Mario Chacon Jr. @rio_majoris)

I was a little nervous at first, since I do get a little claustrophobic, but when I jumped into the Vitaeris 320 and Cory began to pressurize the chamber, I started to relax and realized I had a lot of room in there. Then I thought, if someone as tall at Lebron can fit in the chamber, I have no room to complain. I was very comfortable with a cushion to lay down on and I even had a window if I wanted to look out of. As the oxygen increased I did feel pressure in my ears and I felt the blood flow in my face till the chamber was completely inflated and all that went away. Then I began to relax and meditate for an hour. It a very amazing feeling as I felt my muscles began to relax and tension went away from my body and my breathing felt deeper. The hour went by really fast and when I jumped out, my energy level was very high plus my aches and pains felt better.

My main problems when I went to OxyHealth were my knee that I had surgery on, lower back and shoulders were tight and sore but for that first week after I had my oxygen dive I felt amazing. My knee that usually makes noises when I bend it was gone for a whole week. I was happily surprised that I had that kind of outcome from one oxygen dive. Now I’m hooked and I want one of my own Vitaeris 320 oxygen chambers!

Everyone is different, so do your research and consult your doctor before any HBOT dive.

If you want any more information about the OxyHeath Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, contact Janelle Ardizzone at janelle@oxyhealth.com.

Happy Diving!

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