Get To Know The Artist and Owner Behind Dallas Floral Preservation Company Francesca’s Element

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Stephen Amiewalan is a savvy businessman who moved from Nigeria to the United States for a more prosperous life. When he and Francesca Mackey met, she was working for the local theme parks in Orlando, Florida as a hotel concierge and a florist for events and weddings. She was inspired by the independent life Stephen led working for himself and wanted to forge the same path for herself. Regardless of her many college majors and not being able to decide what career she wanted to pursue, her whole life she always knew deep down she wanted to work with flowers. They meant so much to her in so many ways, but she didn’t think that dream would be possible as running a small flower shop comes with many hardships. Amiewalan knew about her dream and encouraged her to pursue the floral arts.

With her dreams in mind, the pair moved to Texas, Mackey’s home state, during the pandemic and found a niche they could both thrive in: floral preservation. Their medium is resin art. When they combined their talents and work ethic to pursue their best, their company, Francesca’s Element, exploded in a matter of months. They now have their own studio and a team of incredible, dedicated, and talented individuals who care about the mission as much Amiewalan and Mackey do.

Through this experience, they found that the only way to learn this craft was through blood, sweat, tears, and of course, money. It took months of hard work, researching YouTube videos, and too many mistakes to count to fully grasp this art form as no one was teaching it. They spent tens of thousands in just one month alone fixing mistakes. Their mission is not only to preserve treasured memories for their clients, but to make sure other resin artists who want to forge their own paths to financial freedom can do so without sacrificing the same blood, sweat, and tears they have.

“It is humbling, exciting, and magical to preserve flowers in this way,” says Mackey. “Flowers are living things and with life comes death. Think of it as freezing a moment in time that will follow you throughout your life.”

The couple’s main priority is ensuring all of their clients’ precious flowers are safe and their keepsakes are created with the same quality, attention, and care they would expect for their own keepsakes. They strongly value the happiness of their clients above anything else. It’s important to know that they strive to continue improving their craft because with handmade products such as flower preservation, nothing will ever be perfect. Think of every flaw as every bit of uniqueness to the client. No two clients are the same nor are they perfect. Neither is flower preservation. Flaws make each piece unique and special as they do for humans.




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