Before you skip afternoon tea to save room for dinner, you should know there will be no food served tonight at POT, Choi's brand-new establishment opening at the Line Hotel on Wilshire and Normandie. (And before you grab your vaporizor and Visine, remind yourself that POT is not about weed, its impresario Roy Choi notwithstanding.)

Instead, based on what we've heard, diners can look forward to Korean street fare and hot pots and maybe (judging from the website) a quizzical-looking anthropomorphized clay mushroom. Just not yet.
On Twitter today, just days after issuing a casting call for capable stoner cooks, Choi chirped for guests to come through for drinks. The lobby bar opens at 5 p.m. We dig the picture posted on eatatpot's Instagram earlier today: the bar's wood ceiling is decorated with gold inflatable letters strewn about in an alphabet soup-style tumble. The menu looks good too, but with $6 cans of Tiger, we're thinking that settling in for a marathon beer-drinking session at POT might be unwise.

See, what you did in college while taking bong hits on flea-ridden couches and watching Terrence Malick movies for lit theory papers will not fly at POT. Start with original cocktails – soju with natto, bourbon with shitake mushroom, or gin with arugula (all $13) – and see where the evening takes you.

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