When Ganja White Night announced a North American Tour called “The One”, bass and dubstep fans across the city rejoiced and for good reason. Ganja White Night members Benjamin “Bamby” Bayeul & Charlie “Erwan” Dodson push the envelope relentlessly when it comes to blending mediums for a multisensory dance music experience. In fact, the Belgian Duo of “Wobblemasters” landed like an asteroid on the dubstep scene when they arrived at landmark festivals like Mysteryland, Electric Forest, Shambhala, Electric Daisy Carnical Las Vegas, Infrasound Festival, Lost Lands, and Camp Bisco. High octane tracks “LFO Requiem“, “Up“, and “The One“ demonstrated a ferocity and technical rigor rarely seen in dance music today, while prominently featuring the jiggly albeit overpowered anime character, Mr. Wobble. 

“In the previous album we stepped away to explain a little more of the power that Mr. Wobble has,” says Erwan. “It was used by another character in the animation story that we’re trying to tell. ‘The One’ brings focus back to dig into this main character a little more in the future. The next step is explaining where he’s from.” Bamby adds.

Brought to life by acclaimed artist My Name is Ebo, the truth is that to date little is known about Mr. Wobble even though the character plays a central role in the visual storytelling techniques that make up the more cintematic qualities of Ganja White Night sets.

“We love mystery we love telling stories.” Erwan says with a smile. “We’ve been telling stories in the past in music videos for sure, but I feel like it’s almost time for us to start telling stories in a different media. Maybe a comic book. Maybe just straight media animation, I don’t know yet.”

It’s definitely clear the character is only at the start of what is already an unprecedented journey in dance music. 

Nuanced on the tour art, one can see Mr. Wobble’s helmet indicating the forthcoming backstory will reveal a transformation to take place when the character puts it on. “We have a whole scenario already written and I can’t tell it right now” Bamby told us. “But we’ll see if we have enough time and if it works for us to make music video for this track to explain it in more detail.”

Known for their ever-evolving showmanship, Ganja White Night plans their biggest concert of the tour this Saturday.

“The Hollywood Palladium is going to be a really special show,” Erwan says. “I just moved here and it’s the tour finale, so we want to make it a special show. We have a few variations of the set for the whole tour, but we’re going to create a specific one for the Palladium that is the best of all the sets we’ve had. We’re going to try and hack all the best ones and create a whole new set. We’re really excited.” 

Tickets are still available for purchase on the Live Nation website.

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