Gangnam Station Korean BBQ: Crafting a Culinary Experience Beyond Borders

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If you are a food lover who craves Korean BBQ, then Gangnam Station Korean BBQ in Los Angeles and Buena Park should be on your bucket list. Owned by Kyungsuk Park, known as Ken, these two locations are California’s ultimate Korean BBQ destinations. Known as two of Los Angele and Buena Park’s best restaurants and with an innovative approach to traditional Korean food, Gangnam Station has made a groundbreaking culinary experience from scratch that embraces diversity, features healthy ingredients, and offers a hip atmosphere for food lovers of all backgrounds.

The success story of Gangnam Station started with a small franchise called Songhak Korean Barbecue, located in four spots in California (LA, Cerritos, Tustin, and San Diego). Known for serving delicious intestine BBQ (곱창), these bustling eateries attracted customers from various regions, including San Francisco, as well as customers who were willing to wait for two hours to dine at one of the restaurants. Despite the Cerritos location being a small restaurant with only about ten tables, it generated nearly 1 million dollars in revenue during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic. However, Ken’s desire to create a Korean BBQ restaurant that caters to everyone motivated his decision to expand beyond the initial Songhak Koreatown BBQ concept.

The ambitious owner wanted to create a Korean food haven that people of all ages, races, and backgrounds would love. As Korean culture has become a part of American culture, the owner saw a golden opportunity to introduce a unique and inclusive concept to the market. The challenge was to manage and market multiple locations, which Ken overcame by meeting with a marketing specialist and bringing in a veteran head chef from a traditional Korean restaurant in Korea. With the help of these experienced professionals, Ken successfully expanded the business to two locations and opened what has become some of the best Korean BBQ in California.

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One primary reason why Gangnam Station became the best Korean BBQ in both LA and Buena Park is that they differ from your typical Korean BBQ restaurants. The acclaimed hotspots feature an inventive approach to Korean food that makes it more inclusive and customizable, allowing customers to select their preferred ingredients and spices. One of Koreatown’s best restaurants, the popular eateries also emphasize clean eating by using high-quality ingredients, and the overall dining experience is elevated by stylish and modern interior design.

In terms of branding, Gangnam Station, which has only been around for six months and is already considered the best Korean BBQ in Buena Park, has already gone viral on social media. The result? It is now officially a cultural landmark, providing delicious late-night food for culinary fans of all tastes.

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As with many new entrepreneurial endeavors, Ken confirms that coming up with the perfect name for the restaurant was a significant challenge in the initial stages of the planning process:

“We came up with over 100 names before giving birth to the name Gangnam Station. But none of them really caught our attention. Then, my wife suggested, ‘What about Gangnam Station since it’s a Korean BBQ restaurant located at the station?’ That’s how Gangnam Station came to be.”

The complex name-choosing process was well worth it, as Kyungsuk Park has crafted a creative new culinary experience that offers customizable Korean BBQ dishes, quality ingredients, and a stylish vibe for all food lovers. That’s why it’s no surprise that Gangnam Station’s two locations are now known as the best Korean BBQ in California.

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