From Lakeyah to Slayyyter: The 182nd LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Pan-Pot, hip-hop from Bia and Lakeyah, pop from Slayyyter, metal from Amorphis and AC/DC, and so much more.

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TOBi or not TOBi

TOBi (Patrick Duong)

From Lakeyah to Slayyyter

Also this week:

Print star TOBi told us that, I’ve never been formally trained in music making. Everything has been DIY, and the more art I intake, the more my life experiences grow and I’m shaped by the world around me, and I grow as a human being. It affects how I create music as well. It affects the content, the delivery, and the intention behind it.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Pan-Pot said, “Our first album was Pan-O-Rama and it showed a wide spectrum of sounds that we produced. Tracks like ‘Apocalyptic Horseman’ and ‘Faces’ were tracks that enables us to express differently than we have before. Now, our sound is harder and faster, but it’s still always got a groove. Our signature is created by a mixture of elements (vocals, SFX, how it’s mixed, break design and arrangement). We feel it works well on the dancefloor, but also it’s great to listen to on a run, at the gym, or in the car. It’s often not the case with techno produced for the clubs.”

























































































































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