Chances are if you're a Whole Foods shopper, you have at least some level of commitment to eco causes. Be it a concern for your overall carbon footprint or simply wanting lots of organic options. For that, we applaud you. Then again, maybe you just like their ice cream selection. That's cool, too.

But what about that pesky fossil fuel burning trip to and from the store? Fresh Food Bike can help with that part of the equation (should your used vegetable oil powered Mercedes be in the shop) by bringing you all your perishables via their stylin' IZip Store eBikes.

As your Sustainable Delivery Concierge™, founder Tohid Naeem will bike or rent an eco conscious car from their partners at (One thing these kids know is how to work a corporate partnership!) to bring your staples and more to areas from Downtown to Malibu and seemingly everywhere else on the Westside, for a fee. (Prices vary.) They also offer a curb-side pick up option at the 3rd and Fairfax store in Mid-City and the Crescent Drive store in Beverly Hills.

We also love that when demand is high, Fresh Food Bike will hire part-time Whole Foods Market employees who are avid cyclists to help make deliveries. (We assume there's a large pool to choose from.) Part time workers get some fresh air and extra money, the environment gets a tiny break and you get your Kombucha and organic carrots brought to your doorstep/office/dorm room/the gates of the Hollywood Bowl or the beach — without hassle.

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