Some say bacon has hit the tipping point. It's everywhere, from cupcakes and chocolate bars to cakes, pies, and, yes, even guns and cologne. But just because something as delicious as bacon is trendy, doesn't mean it's any less important.

Sure, sometimes it's over the top, but we love bacon, we will always love bacon. And thanks to Fig chef Ray Garcia, we now realize we need bacon both in and on top of our waffles.

For some of us, brunch is more deliberation than relaxation: Salty or sweet? Between the blueberry pancakes and omelets ad infinitum, there are just too many options. Will your dining partner swap bites of French toast for your chilaquiles? Or do you get a side of sausage with your waffle or nibble a cinnamon roll before your eggs-over-easy? Do you dare order two entrees for the salty-sweet fix? No, you can't. Or can you?

See, brunch shouldn't be this stressful. Thank the pig heavens for Garcia's bacon waffle.

First, Garcia layers whole strips of bacon inside the waffle, with the ends jutting out like smoky tentacles. He adds chunks of caramelized bacon to the syrup, which is mostly Trockenbeerenauslese, an aromatic dessert wine, and a bit of maple. And if that's not enough salty pig, throws a generous scoop of savory, slightly sweet bacon ice cream on top.

The ice cream melts into the warm syrup, which permeates every cubed nook of the golden waffle. It's creamy, sweet, bacon-y, salty–everything brunch should be in one bite.

And that's the only time you'll find it at Fig: Sunday brunch. But, as with the new Bloody Mary menu, such decadence really should only come once a week.

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