Crack seed cravings gotten unbearable? Get your fix at the 15th annual E Hula Mau, a Hawaiian hula and chant competition at the Long Beach Convention center this weekend. The food court will no doubt include the requisite macadamia nut-everything, but more traditional snacks like crack seed will also be on hand to taste. The sour fruit snack is made of salt-dried stone fruits such as plums (the pit is cracked to amp up the flavor, and licorice flavoring is often added). It's a preservation technique that was introduced to the islands by Chinese plantation workers in the 1800s.

Plus, save up enough dental floss this week and you can enter the lei making competition. No artificial flowers are permitted, but leaves and berries are fair game. Just think how stunning a blackberry-basil lei would look with a white linen dress… and next Tuesday, when white is so passé, you'll have a jump start on fall with a smart new navy number.

E Hula Mau, September 4 – 6, Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center. Call (562) 436-3636 or email for more information. One day pass, $20.