For 18 years, the Conscious Life Expo has been the go-to event in Los Angeles for New Age spiritualism and other esoteric topics. Since its inception, the annual Winter conference has brought forth speakers, experts, researchers and authors in such subjects as metaphysics, the after-life, ancient wisdom, meditation, alternative health, UFOs and much more. This year, the three-day extravaganza will host speakers such as world-renowned near-death experience survivor Dannion Brinkley, author and expert in ancient mysteries Billy Carson, investigative journalist and UFO expert Paola Hariss, Fade to Black podcaster Jimmy Church, and so many others in various lectures, workshops and presentations. You can have your chakras read, immerse yourself in the lost wisdom of the Akashic Records, study the benefits of psychedelics to treat trauma and even learn how to defeat the global elites. The big keynote speaker this year is actor, comedian, self-help and recovery expert/author and activist Russell Brand, who will be speaking Saturday evening on personal development, wellness and the importance of spirituality. Other special panels will cover UFOS, consciousness, alternative healing and astrology. George Noory, host of late-night paranormal/UFO talk show Coast to Coast AM is also hosting a panel Saturday afternoon entitled “What I Believe,” where he’ll ask special guests, the following questions: 1. What is the fundamental Truth that informs your life? 2. What is the core message you want to communicate to the world?  LAX Hilton, 5711 W. Century Blvd., Westchester; Fri.-Mon., Feb. 7-10, check website for hours and prices.


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