“Empowering Black Success in a Post-Affirmative Action Landscape: Dr. Boyce Watkins’ Revolutionary Strategies”

In the pursuit of financial independence and security, the concept of economic empowerment has become a fiscal buzzword. Unfortunately, the term often serves as a thin veil for dubious get-rich-quick schemes and multi-level marketing (MLM) programs that tend to leave the most vulnerable in calamitous positions. This is especially true for the most financially insecure, who may be more susceptible to purposefully misleading information.

However, there are legitimate financial strategies that have been evaluated by experienced scholars and proven to foster long-term economic independence. Dr. Boyce Watkins, formerly on the Finance faculty at Syracuse University, is a high profile scholar and founder of The Black Business School. Dr Watkins emerged as a guiding light for millions by providing tested strategies to bridge the racial wealth gap. Through his bestselling books, films, podcasts, and annual conventions, he has generated a reliable engine for Black Wealth accumulation.

Scholar, Educator, Dean of Black Business

Dr. Boyce Watkins entered the historical record as the sole African American worldwide to earn a PhD in Finance in 2002. Following this remarkable achievement, he spent 12 years at Syracuse University as Finance Professor until desires to make a more significant impact for the Black community outweighed tenure.

Dr. Boyce then founded The Black Business School in 2015, which has evolved into a prominent educational platform with an enrollment of 156,000 students. A comprehensive business curriculum, including entrepreneurship, personal finance, investing, and marketing, are offered at a fraction of the cost of traditional university programs. This low-cost, high-quality alternative to overpriced college tuition, which has led to a student loan crisis that has only served to increase the racial wealth gap in America.

A Diasporic Hub for Everything Financial

The Black Millionaires of Tomorrow Program  was also established to teach Black and Brown children the fundamentals of real estate, stock markets, entrepreneurship and crypto. Millions of individuals and families have received assistance in purchasing their first share of stock, breaking free from their jobs, investing in real estate, and launching successful businesses.

It is the overarching goal of Boyce Watkins Enterprises to close the racial wealth gap by ensuring that every African American family has access to wealth building, investing, and financial literacy. By educating the broader community on the issues and factors surrounding the racial wealth gap, Watkins is able to demonstrate why investment knowledge can benefit anyone in an economy that is plagued with inflation and low wage growth. 

The $5 a Day Investing Plan

Dr Watkins ardently believes that escaping the corporate plantation and reclaiming one’s life is attainable through financial literacy and investment. A recurring investment of as little as $5 a day in the S&P 500 is the pathway to securing a future free from financial constraints.  By investing less money than it costs to buy a McDonald’s value meal, Dr Watkins shows how each family can go from poverty to wealth in less than one generation.

A Portfolio for Generational Wealth Building

The finance professor, author, and entrepreneur covers a wide range of topics, including personal finance, business, entrepreneurship, politics, and social justice. Watkins brings a wealth of knowledge and is not afraid to speak his mind when tackling controversial topics.

Resources include:

1. The Black Business School

Courses on entrepreneurship, personal finance, investing, and marketing for the Black community.

 2. Stock Options Training Course

On How to Make Money Without Working at DrBoycePrime.com. You can also get Dr Boyce’s stock picks texted to you by texting the word Stock to 31996.

 3. Bestselling Books

  • The 10 Commandments of Black Economic Power
  • Financial Lovemaking
  • Black American Money

 4. Financial Flashcards

A fun interactive way to learn about personal finance at FinancialFlashCards.com.  Dr Watkins and his team have also developed Financial Workbooks on Stocks, Real Estate and Entrepreneurship that you can find at FinancialWorkbooks.com.

 5. B1-The Movie

Emphasizes the importance of self-validation and the internal power to put the Black community first.

6. All Black National Convention

A three-day conference for attendees to learn from and network with experts on a wide variety of topics, including real estate, family development, finance, health, entrepreneurship, politics and investing.

 7. The Dr Boyce Breakdown Podcast

A resource to learn more about personal finance, business, and entrepreneurship. Found on DrBoyceTV.com and Spotify.

“Our mission is to reverse centuries of discrimination, exploitation, and the continued expropriation of trillions in black wealth that eludes our community. The black family, at its core, is a multi-million-dollar institution,” concludes Author, CEO, and Financial Visionary Dr. Boyce Watkins.

Explore his transformative work at BoyceWatkins.com.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the foremost Black Wealth Expert in the nation, commanding a social media following of over two million on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Through online platforms, he has empowered over 10 million people to purchase their first stock, quit their jobs, and launch successful businesses. Dr. Boyce is a frequent guest on media outlets including USA Today, CNN, ESPN, NBC, CBS, The Today Show and more. He is known for his advocacy for education, economic empowerment, and social justice.

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