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Wide Open Spaces (Monument)

Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces


Eliza Spear Digs the Chicks: Singer and songwriter Eliza Spear told us about her love for a Chicks gem.

Eliza Spear: My favorite album has to be Wide Open Spaces by the Chicks.

My mom and I used to blast that record any second we could. When I started writing, that was the first record I dove into to study. There was no question in my mind of there being another album to learn from.

The writing, the vocal styling, the emotion – it just did it, it always has, and that album will always be some mix of nostalgia and newness for me.

It takes me back to car trips with my mom, and it directs my writing, even now, ten years since I first picked up a pen at thirteen (OMG TEN YEARS!?).

Eliza Spear Digs the Chicks: Eliza Spear’s album Right Now, it’s Like This is out now. For more info, go to elizaspearmusic.com.


Spear recently told this writer that, “The album was written and recorded in Los Angeles, Nashville, North Carolina and Colorado. It was conceptualized across the country on “The ‘Can I Play In Your Backyard?’ Tour,” which was a cross-country tour I booked and created myself to raise 15k to produce the album in the summer of 2021. The first songs written for the record were with Andrew High, who toured with me that summer. He’s a co-writer on most of the songs, along with being one of the engineers, a multi-instrumentalist, and overall a champion of my sound and the record. When I think of this album, I think of that tour, him, and the vision we had for what has now become a reality. I played the album acoustically every night of that tour, and it’s been one of the honors of my life to be able to see these songs take on another life.”
















































































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