Touted as “L.A.’s longest running new play,” Andrew Libby’s comedy is little more than a clunky, slightly funny mess. The mise en scène is an apartment where a large, clamant group of young people have gathered for some good times. But unbeknownst to the revelers, an uninvited guest (Pedro Shanahan) slips in and hides behind the shower curtain, his sinister presence embellished by a Mohawk hairdo, Goth makeup and drug-addled stare. The scenario is redolent of a wild frat party, with plenty of sex, drugs, booze and hell-raising. From his perch in the tub, the night-crawling voyeur is privy to all the naughty things that are said and done, and he occasionally pops out onstage to tell a joke with gusto. Unfortunately, this all gets old rather quickly, and the seat squirming starts in earnest. The show features a rotating cast of 50-plus, who can’t do much good with this moribund material. No director is credited, and the reason is obvious.
Fridays, Saturdays, 8 p.m. Starts: April 25. Continues through July 29, 2008

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