DJ DEZ 804 is coming for the throne of the hottest up and coming artist out of Richmond VA

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Up-and-coming rapper DJ DEZ 804 formally known as Mattress God is starting to make some real noise in the music industry. The superstar has already amassed millions of combined streams over all his digital streaming platforms. Desmond Chapman, better known as DJ DEZ 804, is a rising superstar in Richmond, Virginia. He is making headlines with his music and is continuing to turn heads with his latest release “Pajamas,” which gained thousands of streams on Spotify.

His latest song, “Pajamas,” is filled with all the vibes. He has a unique style, finding different tones of his voice to create emphasis. The lyrics and message behind this song and the sound and concept really stand out in today’s music scene. DJ DEZ 804 looks to keep grinding throughout the year.

DJ DEZ 804 is on the path to success and a career that has an unforeseen path in the future. His nonstop hard work to keep releasing more new music has helped him rise to the top. It is important to keep track of DJ DEZ and his quick progress because he is on the track to becoming an overnight success.

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