HitFix.com is reporting that Diane Keaton has been cast in the titular role in Tilda, an HBO comedy pilot reportedly based on much-feared Deadline Hollywood columnist-turned-blogger/ Nikki Finke. Very few details about the show are currently available–HBO hasn't even formally announced the project–but we know Cynthia Mort (The Brave One) scripted the pilot, and Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) will produce.

It's definitely an intriguing casting move. Diane Keaton, even at her most painfully neurotic, has never *not* been adorably ingratiating–the opposite of the kinds of adjectives often used to describe Finke–so we can presume that Tilda will either represent a major stretch for the 64-year-old actress, or else the character's not actually that closely based on Nikki Finke after all.

LA Weekly