Nothing beats drinking with your best friend. You could slam shooters with whooping co-workers or squire your gal out for a few birthday Proseccos, but no boozy endeavor approaches a few beers with the only one who really understands you: your witless canine.

As reported this week, a brewer in Bend, Oregon, a place known for beer and, apparently, also dogs, has brewed pooch-friendly “hooch” to render this social occasion no mere fantasy.

And yes, it'll cost you — a breathtaking $36 for a six-pack of Dawg Grog, Daniel Keeton's concoction of organic vegetable broth, spent grain from Boneyard Brewery (his employer), water, honey, ginger, and cinnamon. Sounds like something the college co-op would serve. Apparently, Keeton came up with the idea after wishing he could share his greatest passion — beer — with his beloved mutt Lola Jane.

You may already know that Dawg Grog isn't the only dog beer on the shelf. Last year in this publication, Elina Shatkin wrote about Bowser Beer's five-year-old pair of chicken and beef broth-enhanced tipples — Cock-a-Doodle Brew and Beefy Brown Ale, they're called — that sell for $19.99 a six-pack.

If you were inclined to say,”Screw this, my dog can come with me to a bar, but she won't be getting her own $6 beer,” we'd back you up. Water in a bowl works just fine for a dog. Besides, we'd rather not pump a furry pal full of broth as if she were a mass-processed turkey.

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