Everything under the sun is customizable these days. There are wineries that will help you create your own blend, and the Mars company is happy to put anything you like on an M&M. But what if wine or chocolate isn't your thing? (Huh?) What if your thing is bacon? What if you want to “Name Your Slab?”

For the casual home cook, making bacon is actually quite simple; but not everyone has the time, tools or inclination. It can be an intimidating business, too, as the National Center for Home Food Preservation gently reminds us. Rashida Purifoy, owner of Cast Iron Gourmet, doesn't want anything to stand in your way though, and she has come up with a dreamy solution for you to make your bacon and eat it, too. For $250 she will work with you to create your own, custom bacon. Twelve pounds of it.

That's not something the casual home tinkerer can easily pull off, without a large smoker anyway, so it's got value. Having an expert guiding the process is pretty great as well. Purifoy will work with you to determine what spices you prefer, how smoky it will be and what other ingredients to include. Then she does all the hard work.

Purifoy sources humanely raised pigs from a family farm (alas, not in California, but still nice) so you know exactly what you're getting and can feel good about it.

For more information, visit their website. And if you find your refrigerator is just a touch too small for all that pork, give us a call.

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