Correction: A previous version of this post stated that Blumenfield “switched” his vote 89 times. That was incorrect. The legislator missed a vast majority of votes and changed three of them. He later “added” or “changed” his vote 89 times, after knowing the outcomes of the bills. Corrections have been made throughout the post.

The Los Angeles Times may have glowingly endorsed California State Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield for the southwestern San Fernando Valley's L.A. City Council District 3 race — he's one of those politicians looking for greener pastures and trying to turn L.A. into “Sacramento South” — but he's picked up at least one bad habit during his stint up north.

You see, the Associated Press came out with a special report last fall, which examined how California State Assembly members change or add their votes after the official floor vote has been completed. It's totally legal, but such amending doesn't give a clear picture of where a legislator stands on an issue. Enter Democrat Blumenfield.

According to the Associated Press, Blumenfield added his vote 86 times during the 2012 legislative session after missing it that many times, and changed his vote three times. Among San Fernando Valley legislators who missed and added or changed votes, he doesn't top the list — Felipe “Worst Legislator in California” Fuentes secretly amended his vote 138 times — but it's still disturbing.

Blumenfield amends his votes more than Valley legislators Mike Feuer (32 times), Mike Gatto (59 times), Jeff Gorell (71 times) and Anthony Portantino (79 times).

The AP's analysis found that “lawmakers running for a new seat in November [2012] were the most likely to switch their votes. Of the top 15 vote-changers, 11 are seeking a new office outside of the Assembly.”

The AP also found, “Lawmakers regularly changed their votes on bills dealing with powerful lobbies or hot-button social issues.”

So will Blumenfield, who's considered a frontrunner in the CD 3 race and a “labor candidate,” stand up for the average Joe, or will he cave to labor unions and other special interests when they start breathing down his neck?

Labor unions have supported Blumenfield, who's looking to replace termed-out Councilman Dennis Zine, with nearly $28,000 in independent expenditure money. They've spent zilch on the other candidates.

Blumenfield leads the six-person race in contributions. He's facing rivals Elizabeth Badger, Cary Iaccino, Joyce Pearson, Steven Presberg and Scott Silverstein.

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