We liked Cookie Monster when we were 5. We realized we loved him seven years ago when he went nuts on Martha Stewart, begging like a pitiful junkie for the cookies she hadn't finished baking, even trying in vain to pimp out Bert for a freshly iced specimen. Now there's yet another reason to appreciate our favorite googly-eyed Chaos Muppet: “Share It Maybe,” an inspired, cookie-centric video spoof of Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen's “Call Me Maybe,” complete with dancing cubicle workers and a band (sort of) tapping away on kiddie instruments.

Jepsen's original verses are sweet but devoid of depth — serviceable, Splenda-esque — but C. Monster's flow is pure Plugra to the ears, his lyrics compelling, yearning, ultimately triumphant.

It starts with a hope, as the singer realizes the object of his desire may be all around him:

Me got a wish on my mind / It is the chocolate chip kind / Me look at you and me tell / You may have Snickerdoodle

As he's denied, despite his insistent pleading, a cookie of his own, Cookie Monster sounds wounded, even accusatory. He lashes out, desperate:

You took your time with a bite / Me trying to stay polite / Me start to really freak out / Please someone call the Girl Scouts

Finally, after the last chorus swells and the office drones skip down the hallway, their tummies full of oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip and ginger snap, our hero finally, deservedly gets his. And we celebrate with him. Maybe with a cookie of our own.

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