CONTRA-TIEMPO’s ¡azúcar!: Transformative Dance Residency Will Unite Los Angeles in Celebration of Heritage and Unity

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CONTRA-TIEMPO is showcasing an exuberant display of heritage and unity, celebrating their local community in LA. You won’t want to miss their upcoming performance of ¡azúcar! They’ve teamed up with The Ford Theater to put on a meaningful and inspiring show you won’t soon forget.

¡azúcar! isn’t simply beautiful to watch—it’s emotionally moving as well. The performers elicit emotions through their approach to a topic that activists need to be speaking about. Through fluid and captivating dance, they explore and express sentiments regarding the intentional dismantling of anti-blackness in the Latine community tied into Afro-Latine ancestry. They mirror the movements of their ancestors to convey their truth.

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The cultural significance of sugar and how the industry oppressed generations of Latine individuals comes through the carefully choreographed motions of the dancers on display. When it comes to healing and transformation, artistic expression is the best way to achieve it. A fully-conceptualized dance not only heals the emotional and generational wounds of the performers—it transforms the emotional makeup of the audience members as well.

Bringing unspoken pain to the forefront of our minds, ¡azúcar! collectively elevates and enhances our perspective. Ana Maria Alvarez, choreographer and founding artistic director of CONTRA-TIEMPO, states, “In a world yearning for nourishment, care, and rootedness in the body, ¡azúcar! will offer all attendees an immersive journey into the profound possibilities of freedom and grace.” In other words, this performance reaches the souls of those who witness it, which is exactly what refined artistic ventures are designed to do. This high-quality caliber of effective expression will play host to an experience that any local LA resident shouldn’t miss.

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This performance exemplifies respect for sacred keepers of ancestral wisdom without sacrificing any of the painful efficacy the sugar system had on them. The music accompanying the rejuvenating dance movements speaks to this message in tandem.

As for these dance movements, you’ll be watching an eclectic combination of salsa, Afro-Cuban, and street styles that can’t be duplicated. This approach to dance and the confrontation of social issues that need to be discussed make CONTRA-TIEMPO a company that won’t be ignored.

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In the beginning, Alvarez and her dance company faced opposition from critics due to the unique nature of what they set out to offer the community as a whole. With a determined and concentrated passion, they paved the way for a new space in LA’s dance scene, forming CONTRA-TIEMPO and bringing their voices to the stage.

They found a way to be heard and felt in a new and innovative way. Now, they’re on a mission to transfer deep power and wisdom to their local audience through their work, demanding attention by providing valuable experiences. They believe the world is finally ready to open up to what they have to say, and they’re speaking loudly and proudly in a beautiful and thoroughly authentic fashion—and we’re here to hear it!

On Friday, August 18th, 2023, at 8:00 PM, we encourage you to find yourself at The Ford Theater. You won’t be disappointed, but you will be changed on a spiritual level by the time you leave. Get your tickets for the West Coast Premiere of ¡azúcar! today.

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