The good people behind the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festivals aren't leaving all security measures to local Indio police. They've also rolled out some fancy cloth wristbands with RFID tags embedded. Each wristband is apparently unique, so good luck trying to do the “two-in, one-out, two-in” maneuver of old.

But there's still the matter of the fence. Last year the clusterfuck caused by overcrowding had many impatient attendees (not to mention a few lucky interlopers) hopping the barricade and stampeding towards the action, and no high-tech option, short of those exploding neck braces from Running Man, can really stop that kind of rush. That's where the organizers have gotten creative with an old-fashioned solution:

Grease. Handfuls of grease are being lathered on top of the fence as we type. This just might work. Until the opposition starts wearing sandpaper gloves.

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