“You're heading to Coachella? Watch out for $10 water bottles.”

It's a joke likely as old as Coachella itself, and at this point it's entered Hackville, right up there with bitching about airline food or waiting in line at the DMV. Just the other morning we heard a woman (we didn't catch her name) referencing $10 Coachella water on Jason Bentley's KCRW show.

There have no doubt been unscrupulous folks hawking overpriced H2O outside the venue in years past, and there was a $10 refillable water bottle sold last year, but the word “refillable” destroys the myth that Coachella organizers and vendors would rather you die a long, slow death from dehydration than miss the chance to rape your wallet.

Disposable water bottles inside Coachella cost $2, the same price since 1999. There are also several stations spread out around the grounds where you can fill your bottle or douse your head for free.

Now if you want to start bitching about $3.95 ATM fees, we're right there with you.

They're trying to kill you! Or not.

They're trying to kill you! Or not.

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