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Better than: The real Elvis.

Clownvis's act is hard to wrap your head around. He's an Elvis impersonator, but dressed like a clown, and one that does magic tricks and cover songs.

Clownvis Presley (the King of Clowns), doesn't like to reveal his real name. He's based in L.A., and has been working the comedy circuit for the last five years, taking his off-the-strip Vegas-like act to sticky floored clubs across America. He's feckin' hilarious, and his songs — weird medleys of the Golden Girls theme song, 4 Non-Blondes, and Fresh Prince mashed up with Elvis — are very well done.

Lucky DeLuxe

Lucky DeLuxe

Kicking the night off was Lucky DeLuxe, a witty, sharp tongued girl with a NSFW routine. After she cracked jokes like the one about how she had sex in (or rather, with) an airplane bathroom, she slithered out of her vintage pin-up ensemble. A comedian-stripper, who knew?

Brendon Walsh, a more traditional comedian who has been on Conan, took the mic next. Following a funny stripper can't be easy, but he had a solid set mostly about life as a 38 year old man who lives with a roommate.

After Walsh exited the stage the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey came on. Flanked by his inept manager and body guard (pictured above) Clownvis ran onto the stage. He wore a black jumpsuit covered in jewels and a belt buckle reading “CLOWNVIS THE KING OF CLOWNS.” He didn't wear a crown, but that's probably just because no crown would ever fit atop his giant pompadour.

Clownvis and Greg Reynard

Clownvis and Greg Reynard

His act mainly consisted of songs, campy jokes — the light on the “applause” sign was frequently lit — and performing silly magic tricks straight out of a Criss Angel kit he bought at Target.

His bodyguards were also part of the routine; the one to his right tried to maintain his cool but occasionally broke into jazz hands. The bodyguard to Clownvis' left, however, was a serious malcontent with a '70s porn 'stache, rolling his eyes, refusing to participate, and even leaving the stage to get popcorn.

The set also included retooled versions of the Reading Rainbow theme and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme set to the tune of Elvis Presley's “In the Ghetto.” There were also a few originals like “Barack O's Tacos,” a theme song for a new chain of taco stands supposedly owned by President Obama.

Random Notebook Dump: There were no photos or drinks allowed inside, so after the show everyone quickly gathered next door to take photos with Clownvis. His “Clownvis Is My Homeboy” shirt and Clownvisbranded peanut butter were also for sale.

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