When The Daily Pint tapped its first few firkins of cask-conditioned ale (naturally fermented beer) on Friday nights last year, owner Phillip McGovern advised aficionados to show up early if they wanted a full pint glass. The days of duking it out with enthusiastic home brew clubs for the last sips at the Santa Monica pub before the firkin runs dry are over. These days, McGovern typically keeps two or three rotating firkins of “real” ale, as the beers are affectionately dubbed in the U.K., on tap at all times.

That's good news is you are a fan of the complex, subtle flavor and tiny natural bubbles (standard beers are pumped up with CO2, cask ales are not) that makes cask-conditioned ales such great cellar temperature sippers (a touch cooler than room temperature). Never tried one? The Daily Pint Tweets new cask arrivals from San Diego area craft brewers.

The Daily Pint, 2310 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, (310) 450-7631

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