Carpet Bombs

Mark Mothersbaugh’s recent art show, “Rugs During Wartime and Peacetime,” just closed at the Scion Installation Los Angeles Gallery in Culver City. The event featured designs created by the artist and was divided into two different categories of rugs. What follows are excerpts from the program, written by Mothersbaugh. (For more information on the show, go to

Greetings, Citizen,

In this time of turbulence and uncertainty, we must all do our part to ensure victory both at home, and in the field. And there is no better place to start, than right under your own two feet; right there on the floor. Be it hardwood, linoleum, concrete, or dirt, there is no better place to place your feet than on a brand new, clean carpet. But choosing the appropriate image or design can be complicated. That’s where we come in. Please be aware that although it is important you pick the correct carpet for your environment, the truth of the matter is, the BEST RUG IS ONE YOU PERSONALLY LIKE.

Wartime Rugs

Rugs as Propaganda Mechanisms

Let’s be honest. Isn’t Planet of the Apes a little too close to hitting the current state of affairs right on the nose? In a world of troubles and turmoil, we all need something firm beneath our feet, a rug that reminds us of where we are, and what we must do. A sturdy article that we can depend on to look up at us every time we encounter it, that will telegraph an appropriate message to give us fortitude and strength in a time of uncertainty? Yes! These rugs have a variety of messages tailored to help pull us through and keep us marching forward until de-evolution can be reversed!

Peacetime Rugs

Rugs as a Device for Peaceable Coexistence

Oh praise be the homo sapiens that have the ability to co-operate, co-mingle and prosper. These rugs are not constrained by the confines of bomb shelters, lookout nests, or safe rooms. These rugs have the ability to stretch into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They offer room and nest to the full gamut of human activity, be it a comfortable place to watch reality television from, or do homework with the offspring. These rugs allow for happiness and peace of mind to blossom and grow. These rugs will be the sweet memories and precious heirlooms your progeny will fight over years from now.

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