Can Valerian Root Make Your CBD “Super Sleepy?” — A Look Into Valerian-Enriched CBD Supplements

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If you’ve been searching through CBD brands online, you’ve likely run across a few hemp supplements with additional ingredients. For instance, sleep-focused CBD products often have significant traces of the herb Valerian root. Many customers are curious why hemp manufacturers would choose to add Valerian root to their products. Isn’t CBD supposed to be relaxing enough on its own? Why is there a need to add Valerian root to the mix?

If you’re thinking about ordering a CBD capsule that contains Valerian root, you should understand the basics of this herb. How you want to use CBD will determine whether Valerian root is a positive addition.

What’s The Point Of Adding Valerian Root To CBD?

While “Valerian root” may sound like an obscure herb to some customers, it has a long and well-documented history. Records suggest people used this root for sleep-related ailments in the Ancient World. Since Valerian root has such a long track record in herbology, it has attracted the attention of medical researchers who are curious about its purported effects.

Interestingly, many scientific trials show that Valerian root contains unique compounds called valepotriates that may help produce its sedative and anti-anxiety effects. The most recent theory is that these valepotriates help stimulate the production of the brain’s GABA receptors, which are closely associated with relaxation.

Most trials examining Valerian root’s effectiveness focus on its role in reducing anxiety and insomnia. For instance, a study out of Semnan University found that Valerian root had a more significant impact on anxiety levels versus placebo for a group of patients. A meta-analysis from Chiba University also suggested Valerian root could be an effective adjunct therapy for many sleep disorders.

Since CBD shares many of the anti-anxiety benefits Valerian root has, it’s no wonder hemp manufacturers have begun mixing these supplements. Due to Valerian root’s association with insomnia, you’ll most often find it in CBD capsulesthat target sleep disturbances. According to many anecdotal testimonies, CBD and Valerian root work together to promote a night of restful sleep.

Who Should Buy CBD Supplements With Valerian Root?

As hinted above, CBD oils with Valerian root are best suited for people who want to use this supplement before bedtime. Historically, Valerian root has been used for anxiety and insomnia, so it may help promote CBD’s sedative potential.

If you’re looking for a CBD supplement to use during the day, you should avoid products containing traces of Valerian root. Even at low doses, there’s a greater chance these CBD supplements could produce symptoms like drowsiness that could get in the way of your day-to-day tasks.

Also, please remember that many CBD oils with Valerian root contain other sedating herbs or compounds like melatonin. Please always reserve these CBD extracts for use before going to sleep to get the most out of these supplements.

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