Commissioned by Marlin Network to create a promo for a breakfast event held back in May, advertising design firm Bruton Stroube came up with “Breakfast Interrupted,” in which the day's first feed goes all Magnolia. Plump berries, perfect poached eggs, and syrup-drenched pancakes heave in melodramatic slow-motion. As cream and berries collide in a Pollock-y splatter, coffee and milk swirl, and hard-boiled eggs bounce like smooth white footballs, a placid, cozy scene erupts and the table's lush components pop off: a soft, warm blanket for the stomach, pure fireworks for the eyes.

Breakfast is a soothing, nourishing meal that is ironically eaten quickly, sometimes violently. Whether leftover Chinese food, a microwaved pita, or a hotel buffet spread, it makes us forget about the dinners we forgot the night before; it numbs the hangovers that sour our stomachs. And yet we invariably bolt it down, racing our dining companions to the bottom of a crumb-streaked plate. Somehow that spirit comes through. Be sure to check out the making-of video too.

LA Weekly