On Sunday, October 30th, a caffeinated cabal of lucky citizens will gather at an unknown address in Pacific Palisades to celebrate the dark art of high-octane coffee-crafting. A Berkeley scientist's fast track to twitchy fingers, speed metal heartbeats, and eyes redder than an albino hamster's, boutique “coffee” Black Blood of the Earth has emerged as an underground sensation — largely because it offers 40 times the potency of pedestrian brew.

At this congregation, set to get started at around noon, attendees will get to sample every brew, enjoy BBotE in cocktails both alcoholic and virgin, and taste coffee jerky — a beguiling concept, no doubt. Nothing like a strip of grounds-rubbed goat to go with the blackest, bleakest, most hellish cup of coffee in creation.

The entry fee for this event is $10. Get in touch (funranium.la@usefulmonkey.net) to reserve your spot. An email will be sent on October 21st to notify attendees of the address. We have a feeling L.A.P.D. will be issuing a lot of speeding tickets along Sunset Boulevard that Sunday afternoon.

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