All of this and nothing, the sixth of the Hammer's popular invitational biennial exhibitions, expands on the series' already-ambitious curatorial vision with the inclusion of not only artists living and working in the Los Angeles area, as with each of the previous five, but also a number of their international contemporaries. This departure serves to explore the themes presented by the L.A.-based core group within a more global snapshot, and give the much-anticipated event a deeper context. Between the 14 artists presenting more than 60 works in All of this and nothing more, just about every genre of art-making is represented, from painting, drawing and photography, to video, site-specific installation, new media, sound and performance — giving the show the dynamic eclecticism that today's biennial-fans have come to expect. Among the better-known names are Kerry Tribe, Charles Gaines, Frances Stark, and Evan Holloway, but what ties the exhibition together is the overall embrace of an enigmatic, confounding, witty, and even deliberately unresolved aesthetic. The included objects, experiences, and environments (as well as a considerable slate of related programs) demonstrate the artists' comfort with paradox, symbolic narrative, and keeping a bit of pop-sociology around the edges — the better to self-identify as part of a restless, globalized generation.

Tuesdays-Sundays. Starts: Jan. 30. Continues through April 24, 2011

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