Leave it to the cooks of Turkey to prove how well we really can all get along via a single plate of food. As perfected at House Café on Beverly Blvd., the Turkish breakfast — kahvalti — has something for everyone, seemingly from every nearby country. The composed dish has small portions of French style strawberry jam, Bulgarian feta, Greek yogurt, Turkish simit bread, (a sesame seeded toroid of bread) tomatoes with Italian basil, Spanish olives, a softly poached egg and undressed arugula presented with a small carafe of lightly sweet Turkish tea. Unexpected, beautiful, delicious.

Open to being treated separately, but so much better all together, this meal is what the UN aspires to: Pan-Cultural harmony. And bonus — a quality, low-fat start to your day. Really what the world needs more of. If these international ingredients placed together on a round white plate can create an absolutely united moment, there's hope for us all.

This is one of over 400 pieces in our most recent Best of L.A. issue. Check it out.

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