The Chapel is like the twinky little brother of the Abbey. Both were conceived by high-profile nightlife daddy David Cooley, and while little baby Chapel may lack the size and clout of his elder sibling, there is an undeniable familial resemblance. Replacing the ultra-modern decor of HERE Lounge, the longtime gay watering hole, the Chapel has the same pseudo-Gothic elements that adorn the Abbey: cast-iron gates, religious statuary, stained glass windows. The two establishments share the same aesthetics, with the biggest difference in the menu — or lack thereof. “It's your neighborhood bar but without the food,” Cooley concisely explained during a soft-opening event for the Chapel back in October 2016. In a neighborhood of carb cutters, this omission is considered a plus. Another advantage this gayby has is that it lacks the irritating drama and tourist glut generated by its big bro's reality series What Happens at the Abbey. The Chapel delivers a streamlined, old-school, Abbey-esque experience without all the narcissism. It's like dumping the popular jock to go out with his sweet kid brother.

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