Top 10 Korean OnlyFans Male & Hottest Korean Boy OnlyFans

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If you haven’t discovered the beauty and talent that comprises Korean gay Onlyfans models, then you’re in for a special treat. The dynamic mix of tradition and modernity clashes together to create a scene as diverse and stunning as the country itself. From the bustling neon-lit streets of Seoul to the serene palaces and temples scattered through the Korean countryside, this distinct cultural richness mirrors itself in the varying personalities of the stunning Korean male Onlyfans stars to be featured today.

These amazing men offer a captivating spectrum that ranges from masculine hunks that exude raw strength to the boyish charms that ooze innocence that make up Korean conventional bottoms.

With such a wide range of models to cover, it was a challenge to find and bring you the very best gay men that Korea has to offer, but we dug deep, and we delivered. From masculine daddies to smooth effeminate lovers, there’s so many Korean men Onlyfans has for you to discover, and all of them will ensure you leave satisfied. Without further ado, enjoy the best Onlyfans Korean gay accounts.

Best Korean Male OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Korean Male OnlyFans Accounts

  1. Derek – Sexiest Bodybuilder
  2. Simba – Best Ass
  3. Delicious Bean – Yummiest Bi Creator
  4. SH_Seoul – Best Group Play
  5. Sammy Sins – Most Sinful Slut
  6. VIP ELI – Best Newcomer
  7. Haruehun Airry – Best Biceps
  8. Korean Boy – Best for Smooth and Slim
  9. Dane Jaxson – Best Cub in the Biz
  10. Noches Tall Legs – Your Favorite Tall Boy

Best 10 Korean Male OnlyFans

#1. Derek – Sexiest Bodybuilder



  • Over 34,000 Likes
  • 300 Videos and Counting
  • Over 1,100 Photos

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About Derek:

You might actually swoon when you discover Derek, a sizzling hot Korean guy, Onlyfans star, and bodybuilder extraordinaire. He’ll easily etch a permanent place within your heart and mind, as this celestial hunk sports a dreamy moon tattooed on what was already a flawless chest. Derek isn’t only stunning to look at, but he’s a muscular masterpiece built to perfection, with each curve and contour a roadmap for you to worship. Derek has the body of a Greek god, and may even give Adonis a run for his money.

Derek may be some of the best eye-candy around, but he also puts on a spicy show that you won’t want to miss. His performances with other men are the stuff of legends, born of a sizzling synergy that sets the internet ablaze again and again. Each of Derek’s posts are a must-see if you love the male form in action, so be prepared for the temperature here to skyrocket. Derek is going to send you to the moon and back with his hot content.

#2. Simba – Best Ass



  • Over 4,100 Likes
  • Fetish Wear
  • Nearly 100 Posts

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About Simba:

Simba is a highlight among Korean male Onlyfans stars. This sexy dreamboat is here to whisk you away to the wild side. This strapping young lad has an irresistible bubbly ass that you won’t be able to stop staring at, and every inch of this man is a feast that will have you begging for more. Simba is more than just a luscious piece of meat. He’s a versatile vixen who is constantly shaking things up in his content. You will get muscle worship, POV, sensual outdoor poses, and fetish wear, including latex and wrestling gear.

Simba is a natural when he’s among the great outdoors, effortlessly melding sensuality and nature into an intoxicating blend. When he does his outdoor poses, it’s always a fan favorite, and something uniquely his. Simba has the muscles for days, and fans have loved watching him transform into the dreamy beefcake that he is. Simba provides a wild time, so jump in and see what he’s all about.

#3. Delicious_bean – Yummiest Bi Creator



  • Over 5,800 Likes
  • Nearly 100 Posts
  • Subscription Bundles

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About Delicious Bean:

This is Delicious Bean, an Onlyfans Korean boy who is the epitome of adult indulgence. DB knows how to tease and please in equal measure, and brings a blend of kink and delight that’s bound to make your heart skip a beat. This petite young man is more than a model – he’s an explorer who loves to venture into the sultry realm of BDSM and pleasure. When the cameras roll, DB takes you on a seductive journey that will leave you very satisfied in the end.

The Delicious Bean also has an appreciation for the sensual pleasures, and he knows how to use his boyish looks to get your tool standing tall in yearning. DB is here to cater to your deepest cravings, and his spicy performances and fetish adventures are the main course you’ve been desiring. DB is going to both completely sate you, then make you crave more of him once he’s gone.

#4. SH_Seoul – Best Group Play



  • Over 28,000 Likes
  • Subscription Bundles
  • Over 350 Posts

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About SH_Seoul:

Hold onto your hearts because SH Seoul is here to set your pulse racing. When it comes to a hot bottom Korean boy, Onlyfans is proud to have SH among their ranks, and at a glance, it’ll be easy to see why. He is often nestled into the arms of some well built men, and he turns up the heat every time that camera turns on. Once you get a taste of this lovely man, you’re guaranteed to be craving as much of him as you can get.  

SH has a smoldering gaze, and holds himself in a way that begs you to reach out and get your lips onto his. Everything about this marvel of a man is designed to capture your attention and to not let it go. He’s a master of attraction, and his charisma ensures he won’t be soon forgotten. SH is here to enthrall, and he does exactly that. Stick around for the long term by taking advantage of his long-term subscription bundles, so you never miss a saucy post.

#5. Sammy Sins – Most Sinful Slut



  • Over 24,000 Likes
  • Subscription Bundles
  • Nearly 100 Posts

Where to Follow:


About Sammy Sins:

Sammy Sins is all about taking you to a truly naughty place. A staple among non-binary Korean boys, Onlyfans has no better creator to take you on a sexual journey that doesn’t hold back. This master of mischief and wanton delights invites you to shed your egos, ditch the shame, and step into their playground of pure, unadulterated joy. Once you enter sin city with this self-proclaimed slut, Sammy isn’t going to make it easy to leave. They’re all about connection, responding to every message from fans. Sammy loves to learn your every dark desire, and welcomes it with open arms.

Sammy is also a beacon of positive energy, and thrives in their role as both healer and creator. Their radiant spirit shines through every pulsing, perverted post. This extremely ripped beauty has you in store for a ride that’s as exhilarating as it is enlightening. Indulge with Sammy Sins, and embrace your wild side. It’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun.

#6. VIP ELI – Best Newcomer



  • Over 20,000 Likes
  • 130 Videos and Counting
  • Nearly 100 Photos

Where to Follow:


About Eli:

Prepare to have your world rocked by Eli, a gay Korean Onlyfans star based out of the US. In his early 20’s, Eli is as freshly-faced as he is tantalizing. This up-and-comer may be new to the scene, but his content certainly packs an alluring punch. This young heartthrob has the yummy body of a man in his prime, and that body is going to be put to the test at every turn.

Eli isn’t simply here to play, he’s here to tantalize and tease. He’s here for your pleasure, and he’s going to make that happen any way he can, while also exploring a bold world full of erotic experiences. Eli’s work is electric, stunning, and unforgettable – something rarely seen from one this new to the scene. Eli’s content takes you on a thrilling ride that will leave you spent and breathless, which is a perfect way to end an afternoon. Check out this amazing force to be reckoned with, and be sure to give him a follow for some filthy times.

#7. Haruehun Airry – Best Biceps



  • Over 99,000 Likes
  • Subscription Bundle
  • Nearly 1,000 Posts

Where to Follow:


About Haruehun Airry:

There’s no part of Haruehun Airry that you aren’t going to run your hands over. This delectable Korean gay Onlyfans model is a shrine to the gods of fitness. He has rock hard abs, extreme biceps, and looks like the guy most super-heroes were modeled after. Haruehun imbues masculinity in everything he does, and he’s here strictly to drive you wild.

Haruehun Airry is here to bring you an unforgettably steamy show, and when this model’s clothes come off, your blood is going to race and your tool is going to engorge. This Adonis is a muscular marvel, and trust us, we’ve seen many, who stands above the rest thanks to his sheer, physical prowess. Dedication and hard work is what makes up Haruehun Airry, but beyond all of that, there’s a carnal eroticist that loves to know he’s had a profound effect on his fans. When Haruehun knows you’ve been dreaming of him all day, it puts a smile on his face. Be sure to check him out – he’s absolutely delicious.

#8. Korean Boy – Best for Smooth and Slim



  • Over 1,400 Likes
  • Subscription Discount
  • Over 150 Posts

Where to Follow:


About the Korean Boy:

Meet the Korean Boy, aptly named and among our favorite Korean boy Onlyfans creators. KB has a captivating charm and boyish good looks, including a slim and lithe frame which is just perfect for bending over the furniture. KB has a pretty face and is a sensory feast that will have you craving all sorts of debauchery when you see him. This works out well, since KB loves to explore fantasies and please other men. He thrives off of it. If you think you know KB from somewhere else, this is his new account – better than ever, and he’s back for more naughty fun.

Don’t mistake KB’s boyish charm for naivety – he understands and adores the exciting world of adult entertainment. He’s a part of it, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. The Korean Boy loves what he does, and who he does, with a passion and allure that few others can match. His content continues to stir something deep within him. Get ready to be charmed by this steamy sweetheart, as KB is going to whisk you away to a wanton scene that will leave you sated. At least, for the time being.

#9. Dane Jaxson – Best Cub in the Biz



  • Over 36,000 Likes
  • 200 Photos and Growing
  • Subscription Bundles

Where to Follow:


About Dane Jaxson:

If you want an Onlyfans Korean boy who can’t get enough of a big, manly bear throwing him around, then Dane Jaxon is the perfect creator for you. With his thin and attractive physique, he’s serving up a heaping dose of the Lone Star charm that many fans find too endearing to resist. Dane lives in the heart of Texas, and he isn’t simply stripping on Onlyfans – he’s creating some of the sauciest content the world has ever seen. This tiny feast for the eyes loves to show exactly how he pleases both his fans and his many collaborators who join him.

Dane loves to give fans a sneak peek into his real world, and it’s a sexy place to occupy. He leads a seductive life in Texas, and each performance of his is a window into Dane’s dirty mind. Each post brings a new heat and intensity to his account that keeps his fans simultaneously guessing, and craving more. With Dane Jaxson, every moment is a sultry spectacle for you to get your rocks off to. This Texan-based treasure will take you on a journey based on eroticism, sensuality, and some wanton desires that will leave you sweating.

#10. Noches Tall Legs – Your Favorite Tall Boy



  • Over 30 Likes
  • Blonde Beauty
  • Newcomer

Where to Follow:


About Noches Tall Legs:

Noches Tall Legs is about to tower over your expectations. This tall drink of bleach blonde water is not your typical Onlyfans Korean gay. He’s a heavenly vision that will have you seeing stars when you check out his page. Noches isn’t just tall, he’s a steamy skyscraper that’s attractive and charismatic, which makes his charm damned hard to resist.

Noches stands out due to his bleach blonde hair, which only adds a new layer to his already magnetic appeal. It’s not simply a color, it’s an attitude. Noches’ style, complete with his smoldering eyes, is a tale of seduction just waiting to be told. He’s got a passion for flaunting his artistic body, and invites the whole world to watch the show. With Noches, even the ordinary is a feast for the eyes. When it comes to Noches Tall Legs, the sky is the limit, and there’s always something new to explore.

Best gay Korean Onlyfans FAQ’s

Who are the best gay Korean Onlyfans stars today?

When you want to know more about the best gay Korean Onlyfans stars, check out the detailed list above. For a quick overview, here we go! Check out Derek, Simba, and Delicious Bean. SH Seoul and Sammy Sins round out the first half of our amazing creators, which means there’s more amazing guys to come.

You’ll also love VIP ELI, Haruehun Airry, and the Korean Boy. Also on our list and totally worth seeing is Dane Jaxson and Noches Tall Legs. These are our top picks for gay Korean Onlyfans models in 2023! Take a look!

What do the top gay Korean Onlyfans creators make?

The crème de la crème of Onlyfans creators – that glitzy 1% – are truly hitting the jackpot, raking in dazzling amounts that rocket northward from around $10,000 monthly. Their juicy earnings make Onlyfans look like a treasure trove – a glistening gold mine if you can manage to ascend to that coveted summit. Meanwhile, the top 10% are also living pretty, pulling in a few thousand bucks each month – comfortable living, indeed.

Down the ladder, the vast majority of creators are counting their pennies in the hundreds, with the fortunate ones seeing their monthly constellation grow into the lower thousands. Decent treasure for sure, but striking the motherlode? That’s a trickier dance. Don’t let that dull your sparkle. It’s absolutely within your reach, especially if you’re the type who thrives on baring all for the camera every day. Just imagine – clocking in for work, sans clothing, and counting your stellar earnings – what a dream!

Which of the best gay Korean Onlyfans creators shouldn’t be missed?

Here are the top gay Korean Onlyfans creators of 2023, which shouldn’t be missed. You’ll want to see Noches Tall Legs, your favorite tall Korean boy, and Dane Jaxson, one of the best cubs in the adult entertainment business. The Korean Boy is smooth and slim, while Haruehun Airry is one of the most muscular men in existence. For a truly wild newcomer, check out VIP ELI.

Sammy Sins is our most sinful slut, and SH Seoul offers the best group play for fans. Delicious Bean is the yummiest bi creator, and Simba has the best ass. Don’t forget to see Derek, who’s the sexiest overall bodybuilder on the list.

How do I grow my own gay Korean Onlyfans account?

Many accounts struggle to grow simply because fans can’t find them, especially when they’re just starting. Here’s where an attractive cover and profile picture come in, along with a compelling description. But what exactly does this look like?

Begin with a friendly hello, then dive right into introducing yourself. Keep it concise, yet engaging. Next, describe the content you create, highlighting any unique elements, and indicate how often you plan to post. This way, fans know what to expect and have a reason to subscribe to your content. Once you’ve laid this groundwork, get your name out there. Consider platforms like Reddit where eager fans are actively looking for fresh, exciting content. After all, it’s about time they discovered your fantastic world. Let’s get out there and attract those fans to your captivating content!

How will I be paid for my gay Korean Onlyfans account?

Onlyfans keeps payments sweet and simple, so you’re all set. They skim their bit off the top, one of the most affordable skims in the industry, and stash the remainder in a standby account. Hit the low payout bar and then, ta-da! Withdraw your earnings whenever you fancy. You could even fix your account to siphon your gains monthly.

The bank transfer might take a tiny while, around three to five working days, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Onlyfans has no reign over the banking bees in this hive. But once that’s done, you’re laughing all the way to the bank! Do consider squirreling away a portion for taxes, but treat yourself with the rest – you’ve worked hard for it.

What mistakes can I avoid while running my gay Korean Onlyfans account?

The cardinal error most creators stumble upon is their lack of consistency in posting. Your followers don’t fancy playing the guessing game about your next appearance online. Sure, skipping an odd post isn’t a felony, especially if you keep the communication lines open and it’s not a recurring event. But when followers start suspecting your commitment, they’re likely to drift away.

The other monumental blunder is neglecting self-promotion. There are splendid platforms, like Reddit, where you can broadcast your brand and your page, and if you’re overlooking such avenues, then you’re essentially shortchanging yourself. Your fans are on a constant content hunt, just as you’re scouting for fans – it’s just about finding each other.


These are the best Korean Onlyfans gay models of 2023. Now, you can sit back, relax, and revel in the smorgasbord of sumptuous physiques these models offer. From finely sculpted masterpieces to soft and supple cuddlers just begging for attention, Korea’s exciting gay community has a diverse range of tasty treats to try on for yourself.

There’s no better way to spend an afternoon, or even an entire week immersing yourself in the thrilling content which these stunning men provide. From powerful controlling dominants to intimate worshippers with a hole to fill, these gay Korean Onlyfans stars will rock your world like a perfectly aged kimchi, and their lasting impact will live inside your imagination long afterwards.

Whether you’re new to the scene, or a seasoned fan looking for new creators, once you spend time with these magnificent models, you’re in for a seriously salacious and spicy time. We’ll keep searching for more amazing models, but until then, dive in and enjoy yourself!


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