The LGBTQ community has made a lot of progress in recent years, and its members at least are more accepted than they were before. One side effect of this has been the increase in straight people who go to gay bars. This sometimes take the form of a bachelorette party, or of straight girls wanting to avoid getting hit on (of course, straight men realize this and show up to hit on them anyway). As a result, many “gay” bars in Los Angeles can feel almost the same as straight ones. Hetero and homosexual people partying together isn't a bad thing, but the LGBT community still needs a place of its own to call home. One of the few gay bars that hasn't been overrun by straights is the Eagle L.A., an LGBT leather bar in Silver Lake. Events like Rough Sex, Mr. Bear L.A. Contest, Meat Rack and Tightwad Tuesdays, combined with decor that includes neon genitals on the wall and porn on the screens, may keep away the average straight person who's expecting a scene like the Abbey. Nevertheless, if you aren't LGBT but have an open mind and a leather jacket, the bar is still a welcoming place, with extremely friendly clientele and staff. If you're gay and just want a break from all the hetero people you're around every day, the Eagle L.A. is probably your best bet.

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